Ekto VR introduced the prototype of robotic footwear, which allows the user to move in virtual reality, while remaining in a place in the physical world.

According to developers, ECTO ONE shoes are sufficiently light, since made of carbon fiber and provide safe walking in VR without safety belts. Below, they have two rotating plates that respond to data from motion sensors and remove the leg back when walking, creating a sense of movement in actual trample on the spot. When the user stands in place the device uses the brake to prevent slipping.

Although the demonstration video with Half-Life shows the obvious disadvantages of the existing prototype. Supplemented by boots A set of VR equipment becomes even more cumbersome, which can cause users a feeling of discomfort. In addition, to avoid falling, movements must be slow and cautious, which is badly combined with instant reactions of players on various virtual events.

Therefore, the EKTOVR team continues to improve its development and plans to enter the market only in 2-4 years. Although shoes are not the perfect solution, they can significantly improve the security of the movement process in the virtual world, at least as long as such equipment will not be replaced with interfaces connecting

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