Railways will transfer shipping management to blockchain

According to the Director General of the All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport, Sergei Vinogradov, Russian Railways will apply blockchain technology and smart contracts to improve the efficiency of freight and their availability.

In an interview, he said that Currently, Russian Railways is working on a global restructuring project of container shipping. The new system will provide for the sale of individual places by analogy with passenger traffic and will allow you to use the services to almost any shipper.

To do this, it is planned to use modern digital technologies, a «digital car», «Digital locomotive», a trusted environmental management environment for the blockchain base, the prognostic system of transportation management and container trains.

The introduction of these decisions will help reduce the cost of services, apply the model of dynamic pricing and abandon expensive specialized containers, which will increase the flexibility of the system and the effectiveness of its management.

According to forecasts of JSC «Russian Railways», by 2030, the volume of container shipments will grow 4 times.

Recall that according to the study of Deloitte, 39% of the world’s largest companies already

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