Physicists recreated plasma conditions for black holes using a heavy duty laser

Scientists used extremely intense laser pulses to recreate the conditions of the magnetized plasma around the black hole in order to better understand the nature of the mysterious X-ray radiation of some space objects.

Plasma is a hotter state of matter than solid bodies, liquids or gases consisting of charged protons and electrons that have too much energy to form neutral atoms. The magnetic field in it has twisted power lines, which suddenly «break» and neutralize each other, which leads to a rapid transformation of magnetic energy into kinetic, accelerating particles. That is why in the accretion disk black hole plasma glows.

In order to better understand the process of forming X-ray near black holes, researchers from Osak University decided to use extremely strong laser pulses to create such extreme conditions on Earth.

To obtain the required light intensity, the team required a laser for 2 PVT power, which is a thousand times more power consumption on the entire planet. Scientists managed to reach a peak magnetic field with indicators in 2000 Tesla with intense, but extremely short pulses, accelerating plasma particles to such an extent that relativistic effects began to appear.

Previously, we also reported the creation of a laser,

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