People with glaucoma will be able to follow intraocular pressure using a tiny biodiver

Researchers have developed a tiny implantable sensor, which allows you to track the level of arterial and eye pressure through a smartphone or other smart gadgets around the clock.

To interact with wireless sensor nodes and biomedical devices, a team of inventors from the university Perdus equipped the chip by a radio frequency transmitter with a minimum amount of energy consumed by one digital bit. At the same time, it itself works from a wireless power source.

According to scientists, for monitoring intraocular pressure, patients with glaucoma can implanse the biodate to the eye, and people with heart problems can monitor pressure and other performance of the body by introducing a chip into any part of the body.

The user can control the device through a special application on his smartphone, smart clock or other gadget, receiving data in real time.

Previously, we also reported the development of the first bioelectronic implant with remote control, which can

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