The research team has developed a solid and biodegradable packaging technology for food from alginate.

Most of the current films are made of plastic, which contains three toxin, stimulating the occurrence of oncological diseases in the human body. Disposable plastic products are also one of the main environmental pollutants.

Technology from the oceanological University of China has developed a new durable food packaging, which is completely decomposed in natural conditions for 6-12 months and withstands the temperature from -80 ° C to 120 ° C. It is completely safe for health, since it is made of a viscous rubber-like substance extracted from brown algae, called alginic acid.

The structure of the alginate itself is fragile, but the formation of a film using double calcium ions made it possible to achieve the required level of strength.

After 8 years of research and thousands of experiments, the Group filed a patent application, but still continues to improve technology.

Using agar-agar, also removed from algae, scientists recently created

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