ORIGIN SPACE will experience the machine for space mining

In November 2020, the Chinese company Origin Space will lead into space a test version of the robotic apparatus for industrial development of asteroids.

A small device NEO-1 (weighing about 30 kg) will be launched on the Chinese Rocket of the Long March series. Disting from the Earth by 500 km, it will be released on a sun-synchronous orbit.

The first version of the spacecraft is intended solely for testing technologies and will not be engaged in extracting minerals. Its main goal will be the test of orbital maneuvers, smart identification and management systems, as well as modeling the seizure of small celestial bodies.

In parallel, Origin Space is developing the NEO-2 apparatus, designed to produce a lunar regolith, which plans to send a satellite at the beginning of 2022. Since there are no sufficient demand on Earth to organize the supply of residual soil (taking into account the price), then, most likely, the company plans to sell it to Chinese national space management, which plans

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