New type of surgical adhesive accelerates restoration and helps to anesthetize wound

Researchers have created a new type of surgical glue, which helps to combine blood vessels, and also contributes to their healing and removal of pain.

A team of materials scientists from Nanyang University of Technology together with doctors from the Singapore General of the General Profile has developed a single-component light-proof Caproglu glue. It consists of a biodegradable polymer polycaprolacton and free-sensitive diazirine molecules, which form strong links when activated.

Under the action of a low dose of ultraviolet, glue moves from liquid into a solid state, but remains flexible due to the biocous, which in a few weeks is dissolved by the body tissues. The hardened mixture is 3-7 times more than other commercial bioadhesives, and on the strength to the shift is comparable to collagen and muscle tissue.

In animal experiments, the team showed that the use of Caproglu allows you to combine blood vessels with only four stitches instead of eight. This reduces the operation time by 25%. It was also found that adding anesthetic and anesthetics to the glue helps effectively deliver them to tissues, and reduces the need for preparations during and after surgery.

Recently Singapore researchers also

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