New robot laboratory assistant conducts experiments and makes discoveries

Researchers have created an autonomous robot, which conducts its own chemical experiments, and has already opened a new catalyst.

With a mass of 400 kg and a height of 1.75 m, the developed robot laboratory assistant has good mobility, can work for 21.5 hours per day (stopping only for charging the battery), think in 10 measurements, perform a wide range of tasks, and also has limitless patience .

Thanks to the physical seizure and laser scanning system, it is able to independently move along the laboratory and interact with the equipment intended for a person.

The brain of the robot uses the search algorithm for navigating 10-dimensional space, choosing each time the best options for experiments from 98 million possible alternatives.

In the first 172 hours of work, he spent 688 experiments, making 6.5 manipulations and passing a total of 2.17 km. During this time, he autonomously discovered a new catalyst, which is six times more active.

The team of scientists from Liverpool University considers a robot member of the team, and not another machine that helps them, since it acts independently and makes much less mistakes than people.

The level of autonomy of robotics can increase not only the improvement of their algorithms, but also new ways of food. For example, a technology has recently been developed that allows robots

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