New DDR5 standard will increase SDRAM performance twice

New Specifications of RAM will allow developers to double performance and reduce equipment power consumption.

In the latest document, the semiconductor industry association provides a fourfold increase in the maximum crystal density — up to 64 GB (according to the old standard of 16 GB). At the same time, each DIMM module can handle two 32-bit memory channels instead of one 64-bit, which will increase the length of the package and increase efficiency.

The maximum data transfer rate in DDR5 will rise to 6.4 Gbps, halving the DDR4 indicator, although the first modules will enter the market with a limitation of 4.8 Gb / s. Energy consumption should be reduced from 1.2 to 1.1 V, the real level of economy has yet to be defined in practice.

According to the representative of Intel, DDR5 demonstrates a large leap in memory capabilities, for the first time providing an increase in bandwidth by 50% with the appearance of a new technology that meets the requirements of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.


However, while the APC coordinates new specifications, scientists invented more

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