Network Etherium Classic hacked for the third time in a month

The Ethereum Classic blockchain has been subjected to an third attack 51%, this time the 7,000 blocks were reorganized.

According to BitFly, the next hacking occurred on Saturday on August 29, just a few weeks after the cryptocurrency team began to develop ways to improve network security under low hatrault. The previous attack was held on August 6.

In the official announcement, the representatives of Etherium Classic reported that they are aware of the reorganization and are actively working on solving the problem, and also recommended the Majnera, Exchange and other service providers associated with ETH, set the level of confirmation much higher than 7 thousand blocks.

Previously proposed by the Command Protection Measures from hacking provides for the establishment of interaction with mining pools, strengthening network control, forming a «white list» of addresses and the introduction of the arbitration system to prevent inconsistent reorganization of the blockchain.

Despite serious challenges with network security, traders practically did not respond to the next attack, since the course follows the overall trend on cryptors and at the time of publication is $ 6.67.

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