NASA is looking for ideas of new energy systems for holding long lunar missions in the dark

National Aeronautics and Space Space Research is asking for third-party engineers to help develop new energy systems to maintain the work of lunar missions with a long lack of sunlight.

On the Moon, the night can last 350 hours, which, in combination with a sharp drop in temperature, significantly complicates the use of solar energy. Since 2024, NASA plans to conduct research missions on the surface, so actively seeks solutions for control, distribution and / or storage of energy that will help ensure the long-term presence of a person on the satellite.

To speed up the development process, the cosmic control applied for help to the Herox crowdsourcing campaign to attract third-party engineers and organizations to the project. At the first stage, participants will need to offer a suitable solution, on the second — to develop a prototype, and in case of a goal, at the third stage, the winners team will be able to make a working sample of equipment for testing on the moon. The winner can receive reward to $ 4.5 million.

Although the system does not have to be ready for 2024, but the organizers hope to speed up the process to start conducting long-term missions in continuous darkness.

Recall that recently NASA has allocated funds for the development of a number

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