Most miners Bitcoin Cash supported the upcoming Form BCHN

Most of the Community Bitcoin Cash supports the Fork Implementation Plan in November and is ready to switch its computing power to closing Bitcoin Cash Node blocks (BCHN).

According to Coin Dance, the upcoming split is hardly possible to avoid, because after recent support from the and Antpool mining pools and Antpool supporters of BCHN are totaling 82% of the current Hesreite Bitcoin Cash. Currently, 700 of the 1262 Node of the BCH network, closed 630 of the 1000 last blocks, protrude for the forka.

The reason for the next split Community Bitcoin Cash was the adoption of the CoinBase rule, according to which since November 15, miners will have to send 8% of the income from the closure of new blocks to the Cryptovalum Development Fund, controlled exclusively by the major developer of Amori Sech. The Introduction Plan was criticized, and the opponents began to actively discuss BCHn branch, funded due to voluntary contributions of participants.

It is important that for the survival of the fork, it will be necessary to constantly have a higher hashier than the Bitcoin cache, since as soon as its blockchain becomes shorter, it will be automatically destroyed.

The crypto community hopes that the November split will not have such a strong influence on the digital assets market as «

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