Microsoft warned the owners cryptocurrency on new cyber-based

Microsoft’s research division warned the owners of digital assets that their funds in cryptococheries may be dangerous due to the new Anubis virus.

The Microsoft Security Intelligence (MSI) command detected a malicious software that has similar to the distributed Trojan Android Loki code. Its main function is to theft from users of Windows credentials of cryptocurrency wallets, bank cards and other personal information.

MSI is inclined to the fact that Anubis is a controlled virus, since it originally appeared only in companies using only several well-known URLs for downloading and servers C2.

Currently, malicious program will be distributed through a number of websites through visitors’ deception. After loading, it uses the HTTP POST command to send personal data to controlled servers.

The source code Loki for deception used social engineering tools, so in order to avoid infection, the MSI experts recommend not to open investments in suspicious messages and emails.

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