According to the new User Agreement, Metamask, from now on, some developers will need to pay for the use of the company’s products for commercial purposes.

The company argues that changes will affect only part of the users, and most application developers and non-profit organizations will be able to continue working on a poorly basis. The Metamask team is forced to take such a step to be able to offer high-quality products and develop a project in the future.

The press release says that from now on for copying, changing or branching the code base Wallet for commercial use, the company will start charge on the basis of an official agreement. For example, if a resource with an audience more than 10 thousand users a month copied Metamask and offers it on a commercial basis, then representatives of the company will contact and offer to conclude a formal treaty to use the product.

Despite the fact that the team of one of the most popular wallets for Etherium and tokens based on it will continue to publish and iteration of the supplier API in the public sector, providing a wide cross-compatible application ecosystem, its code will still be published in a publicly available repository.


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