Mercedes-Benz presented a prototype of a futuristic electric vehicle Vision Avtr

Mercedes-Benz published a video with an overview of the prototype of the Vision AVTR electric vehicle, on the development of which designers inspired the science fiction film «Avatar».

According to the German manufacturer, instead of the usual steering wheel, futuristic concept car has a multifunctional control in the center console, which reacts to the movement of the hand, almost like a joystick. The car’s salon is also equipped with a number of other sensors and an artificial intelligence system that optimize the operation of the equipment, determine the owner of breathing and heartbeat and allow the driver to interact with the car through visual projection on the hand.

Vision Avtr has four high-performance electric motors located near wheels combined by more than 350 kW. Innovative four-wheel drive with torque vectorization allows you to adjust the distribution of the torque depending on the road situation, while ensuring maximum active safety. Due to the possibility of controlling the front and rear bridges at the same time, the car can move the side at an angle of 30 degrees.

The developers claim that the battery with a capacity of 110 kWh provides a reserve of the stroke of more than 700 km, he caught the charge due to the energy recovery system and 33 movable solar panels located on the back of the roof. The battery is able to fully charge in just 15 minutes thanks to the new technology based on graphene and organic chemistry.

In the field of automotive industry, cardinal changes occur, so in the next decade, vehicles will change

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