Meooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed and frugal: how Estonians handle money

Stereotypes about Estonians as very slow and restrained people live in jokes, but the real Estonia may surprise. It is a country with a huge number of startups per capita:


But the reason for such prosperity is not only a regular increase in salary: Estonians, even those who are wealthy, do not allow themselves to waste money. Here

Estonians show the same responsible behavior in the field of finance. According to a study by Swedbank, they

According to the Estonian Central Bank, savings

Despite the presence of savings, Estonians are confident that they will not have enough funds and property for a comfortable old age. So

Or it can’t. This happens to every seventh Estonian elderly who

Where can I find an additional source of income? Estonians are confident in lotteries and games. Big win here

Last year, more than 421 thousand people

Almost 20% of European families argue about money,

Involve children in dialogue: according to Swedbank, 18% of parents

Open conversations about money in the family and

And everything works out: last year, Estonian teenagers

This is also confirmed by a study by SEB: experts call Estonian youth the thriftiest in the Baltic States. According to them, 86% of young people

The cost of one square meter of housing in Tallinn in September 2021 increased by 6.5% compared to August and

Others willingly invest part of their free funds in stocks and securities — that’s what Estonians are about.

Investment decision nearly half of the users surveyed by SEB bank

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