Make the cost of buying housing and live on credit: 10 financial habits of New Zealanders

New Zealanders with pride

New Zealanders are hardworking, but rest is holy. From here huge travel costs that could

Traveling not only adults. Graduates of New Zealand schools often arrange

Young New Zealanders prefer to shoot rooms, not apartments — so cheerful and cheaper. The cost of renting is permanently

There are mostly married couples about buying your own house, but many this is not affordable. New Zealand is very expensive real estate: housing on average

Therefore, Kiwi is looking for partners to buy a house on credit. Surprisingly, no

Volunteering —

Environmental and other organizations voluntarily

Every employee in New Zealand can

Many begin to save on careless old age since the release of the first job. Understand: they do not have enough state pension. She

Tips left in the country

The fact is that hairdressers, taxi drivers and cleaners and so get pretty good: the minimum wage in the country

New Zealanders

Typical New Zealand dress is simple and convenient: jeans, hoodies, slaps or Cossacks. She is not chasing the fashion and willingly buy the design subject of the interior than the next bag.

Despite the fact that New Zealand

Survey of the Council for Financial Services among 2 thousand people

Inability to dispose of money leads to massive use of credit cards, the interest rate on which

Finder survey among 1500 New Zealanders

The country’s government is trying to increase financial literacy. In particular, in New Zealand there is an optional program for schoolchildren and students

But it seems that such a program is more needed by adults, and young Kiwi knows how well they know how to handle money. At least, the study of Pisa carried out

According to the financial market poll, 9 out of 10 New Zealandsev

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