Mainers Etherid criticized the offer to reduce reward for another 75%

Many miners Ethereum opposed a sharp reduction in remuneration for a block of 0.5 ETN, proposed by developers in EIP-2878, as this will make production on the graphics processors unprofitable.

The proposal for the improvement of Etherium on August 11 provides for a decrease in the award by 75% (from 2 to 0.5 ETN). The project team argues that such changes approximately compare the rate of air inflation with the Bitcoin level, gradually increasing its value.

Mainers subjected this plan with criticism, stating that this offer is more focused on the interests of investors than to maintain network security. In their opinion, reducing remuneration to 0.5 ETN without changing the algorithm is too sharp and makes prey on video cards unprofitable, which will lead to a noticeable reduction in hashraite and increased centralization.

At the same time, because in June, miners revenues reached

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