Loading the EtherEUM membrane rose by 35% after the release of Uniswap controls

According to the observer

Tonight, the decentralized platform announced the launch of UNI, 1 billion of which will be released over the next 4 years. Despite the fact that their distribution will begin on Friday, Uniswap announced that allocated 15% of the total emission for long-time users, partners and investors who have the right to immediately receive 400 tokenes for each address.

As a result of a short-term excitement, the number of waiting transactions in the ETHEREUM network increased from 158 thousand to 213 thousand in the first three hours after the announcement, more than 18 thousand transactions were sent to the smart contract address, but only 13 thousand consequences were treated. The excitement has become an increase in the average level of the gas fee that has achieved 650 GWEI, which is four times more of the indicator of the medium in 152 GWEI.

Against the background of growth in demand for token, some leading cryptocreuses have already added it to the list of supported assets. At the time of publication, UNI trades $ 3.2.

Recently, Uniswap also became the first decentralized exchange with a daily bidding.

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