LG created an electronic face air purifier

LG has developed an individual electronic air purifier that can work up to 8 hours without recharging.

The device called Puricare Wearable Air Purifier is equipped with two fans with three velocity modes, a pair of HEPA H13 filters and a 820 mA battery with a capacity of 820 mA. Respiratory sensors are also built into the facial air purifier, which determine the intensity of the respiration and the volume of air movement, selecting the optimal fan operation algorithm.

The company claims that thanks to the correct design of internal systems, the user will be able to breathe as usual, without applying additional efforts.

Included with the respirator there is a storage case, inside which ultraviolet LEDs are installed, disinfecting the surface of the device when it is not used. The electronic air purifier will also connect to the LG Thinq mobile application to inform the user about the need to replace filters.

The public presentation of the device will take place on September 3 at the IFA 2020 exhibition in Berlin.

Recall that recently researchers also developed a desktop air filter, which catches viruses and instantly destroys them.

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