Japan will send to Mars probe with a camera 8k

The Japanese Agency Aerospace Research (JAXA) together with the telecommunications company NHK develops 4K and 8K Cameras for the probe to make high-quality images of Mars and its satellites.

In 2024, plans to send an MMX spacecraft to the Red Planet, equipping it with super high resolution cameras. The mission suggests that coming to Mars in 2025, the probe will make highly modified photographs of the surface of the planet and its satellites (Phobos and Dimimos), and then landing for a larger of them for collecting material.

MMX images taken partially transmit to Earth through radio signals, but all originals will be stored in a capsule, which will return back only with samples after time.

In addition to obtaining smoothed snapshots, information from new cameras in combination with the flight data will help JAXA visualize the behavior of the spacecraft and improve control. The mission will benefit and the NHK television company, which will receive unique pictures of 8K, inaccessible to other media giants.

In addition, since 2019, the Japanese Aerospace Research Agency in conjunction with Toyota is developing

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