Invented robot for deep-sea mining of minerals

PLIANT ENERGY SYSTEMS has developed a C-ray robot, which can be used to extract minerals on the seabed, without destroying fragile underwater ecosystems.

A device resembling a black mechanical skate has flexible wavy flippers that promote it forward through the movements performed in the form of a running wave. The robot is equipped with tools and computer algorithms that provide autonomous control.

So far, the engineers team tests the first prototype called VELOX, which is capable of working only on the shallow water of the ocean. After completion of the test, the company will start creating a larger C-Ray with built-in grips, allowing it to lift polymetallic concretions from the seabed (formation of precious ore) with potatoes.

Ultimately, PLIANT ENERGY SYSTEMS plans to deploy a swarm from hundreds of autonomous robots that will exchange data through a collective intelligence system. At the same time, they can not only take valuable minerals, but also to replace them with less valuable stones so that living organisms can use them again for habitat.

Previously, we also reported on the development

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