Indian Prime Minister called blockchain one of the best technologies for investment

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modo believes that the blockchain is one of the most investment attractive advanced technologies.

Speaking at the business summit in his speech, he included the blockchain in the list of promising technologies, along with 5G, large data, quantum computing and Internet of things. Noting that DLT opens up excellent investment opportunities, especially in India, where this market is only formed.

According to Narendra Mod, currently half a billion people in the country still expect to connect to the Internet, which provides business enormous potential for growth. At the same time, India, unlike China, is open to foreign technological companies and in March canceled the ban on the use of cryptocurrencies.

Although India is still far from obtaining the status of the World Blockchalter and Crypto Industry status, but if the country’s leadership continues to actively promote this direction, then soon the situation can change the situation to radically.

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