In the new method of treatment of the stomach ulcers, bio-protein fabrics through an endoscope

Researchers have developed a new way of treating wounds of the stomach by restoring tissues at the place of damage using a microbot.

Damage to the walls of the stomach is a common problem, usually requiring drug therapy or surgical intervention. However, the team of scientists from the University of Qinghua proposed the method of indoor local treatment through biopinger.

The team has developed a microbot that penetrates the body through the endoscope and covers the wound with a layer of living cultured cells in advance in laboratory conditions, restoring damaged tissues of the stomach wall.

Tests have shown that after bios cells, the cells retain good life indicators and continue to share stably, pointing to the high biological functionality of the printed fabric. The results of the study confirmed the possibility of using such a method for effective treatment of various damage to the stomach and other internal wounds without surgical intervention.

However, scientists say that the new technology still needs to be finalized a bio-bierner and a platform for bope.

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