In Ethereum Classic, 3693 blocks have been reorganized

On August 1, a consistent reorganization of 3693 blocks occurred in the Etherium Classic Blockchain, which led to the termination of their synchronization.

The suspicious activity of the first noticed by the mining company BitFly, which promptly notified the cryptosocommunity about it and recommended the exchanges to freeze the input and output of ETC due to suspicion of the attack of 51%. Later, the change in the blockchain also confirmed the development team and official representatives of the platform itself.

According to the general director of ETC Labs, Terry Calver, the reorganization was not malicious and occurred by chance, due to the fact that one of the miners had lost access to the Internet for a while.

Immediately after the change in the changes, Bitfly proposed to take measures to counter potential hackers, since exactly a year ago the team of researchers recorded

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