Huawei will refuse Android in 2021, replacing his own Harmony OS

The company Huawei Technologies will start to install its own Harmony operating system on all its smartphones instead of Android, in order not to depend on American technologies.

On Thursday, the world’s largest producer of smartphones officially opened access to the latest version of Harmony OS for developers from around the world to speed up the development of the application ecosystem. In this way, the company wants to preserve the competitiveness of its products against the background of the US pressure.

Huawei is forced to go to such radical measures, because without support from Google Mobile Services and problems with chip supplies, the company is on the verge of survival and needs to be reorganized by some areas of activity. However, after switching to a new OS, the company will need to make a lot of effort to convince the developers switch to Harmony.

The presented distributed operating system can be used not only for smartphones, but also for wearable devices, smart speakers and automotive systems.

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