How to make a portfolio if there is no money to buy all the necessary securities

To make a diversified portfolio, you need to use different classes of assets: stocks, bonds, gold or money market instruments. Their stakes in the portfolio should depend on the term of investments, goals and risk-profile of the investor. If you invest a small amount, for example, 5 thousand rubles per month, it may not be enough to buy all the necessary securities at a time. Financial expert I.

Imagine that you have compiled an individual portfolio, and if you summarize the cost of all papers in it, then you need to invest 30,000 rubles, but you can only approximately 5,000 rubles per month. What to do? Your task is to just buy assets for equal amounts in the same time. For example, the 5th day of each month purchase paper by 5000 rubles. What kind of paper to buy depends on your investment strategy.

We will analyze this on the example of the conditional portfolio:

The price is everywhere indicated for example, it can change at any time.

The first month of investment.

The second month of investment.

Now in the portfolio there are already shares of the United States and Germany, as well as Russian bonds.

Third month investment.

The portfolio is assembled, however, the proportions that we have identified in it for each asset are violated. Now our portfolio, if rounded, looks like this: ⠀

What do we see? The specified parameters are close only to FXDE, there is a breakdown towards US and Russia’s shares, and lacks gold and bonds.

In this situation, on the fourth month of investment, the paper must be purchased, which should be more, is FXRU and FXGD. Thus, their share in the portfolio will grow and approach the initial distribution that we have planned.

Now our task is to comply with the replenishment of the portfolio diversification. For this, every month will have to buy new papers to calculate the shares of each tool in the portfolio with regard to price changes. So you will learn what assets you need to buy, so that there are the right proportions in the portfolio.

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