How to make a crisis portfolio.

The Bank of Russia laid the scenario of the global financial crisis in 2023 in

Make a portfolio, which will always be an increase in inflation and will allow anything to lose anything in any crisis, it is unrealistic. Alas, these are mutually exclusive introductory:

The question arises: and what then the briefcase can be truly suitable for the crisis? Here are 10 principles that I adhere to the formation of my own portfolio:

The first and basic rule —

In my portfolio, for example, the share of countries are proportional to their shares in the global GDP so that there are no situations when

Another my principle —

I prefer

Minimum 80%, and better than 90% of the portfolio posted in the paper of the market leaders. Underwassed black horses — no more than 20%, but better than 10%.

On active speculations, I highlight no more than 10% of the portfolio, since

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