How to calculate annual expenses and why you need it

In foreign films, you can hear how the heroes voice their income immediately for the year, and not the monthly amount. Financial expert and

An annual budget helps you think big and plan all the big expenses, which allows you to save up for them in advance without harming your wallet. Here are my guidelines for budgeting:

Often these are large sums that we are not ready to pay so immediately, and, as a rule, we forget to save up for them in advance.

We summarize these costs and divide by 12 months, the amount received must be postponed every month.

Now we write out all the fixed expenses for the month.

So we get the monthly amount of our spending. We multiply it by 12 to find out the annual value.



Then we consider the unforeseen expenses that you had in the past year

Moving on to the annual seasonal spending.

After we summarize our impulsive expenses.

We add up everything that happened. Now you know how much you actually spend each year.

What to do next with this? Let’s say you get an amount of 1000 rubles. We divide it into 12 months and we get 83 rubles a month — this is how much you need to send to the «spending» card every month.

The budget needs to be built in such a way that in the current month the amount that will be needed in two months is transferred to the card. That is, from income in November, we must finance our future spending in January. This gives us maximum financial stability and a reserve month in case of unforeseen events.

With such a system, we always have money for a month in advance, and the account will never be empty. If you have not used up your monthly limit, then the money simply continues to lie on the card — we understand that someday we will definitely need it for variable expenses that may arise during the year.

After you calculate your annual expenses and income for the year, you will have an understanding of how much free money remains for savings. First of all, it is worth creating an airbag in the amount of all the mandatory expenses, without which you cannot do, for at least three months. Only after that you can proceed to investment.

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