How civil servants should report ETF income

Civil servants can invest in foreign stocks, including ETFs from FinEx, if their positions are not on the list

Submission deadline:

The civil servant is obliged to provide his employer with a certificate of property, income and expenses annually. The departments have their own software that allows an employee to independently fill out a document at the workplace and send it to the checking department —

There are special sections in the help form. A civil servant as an investor is interested in two of them:

In the section on income, the investor must show his total annual earnings on the exchange from dividends, coupons and the sale of securities.

In the section for information on securities, the investor indicates information about the shares:

The report is submitted not only for himself, but also for his family members: spouse, minor children. A separate certificate is filled in for each of them.

Submission deadline:

As a general rule, if an investor has received income for which the broker does not act as a tax agent and does not withhold tax, he is obliged to independently file a 3-NDFL declaration and pay it. The same goes for civil servants.

These are the cases in which an investor may face such a situation.

All FinEx funds, except FXRD, reinvest dividends. Therefore, only those investors who own FXRD shares and receive dividends need to submit a declaration.

You can submit a 3-NDFL declaration in different ways: in person, send by «Russian Post» or through

When submitting online, you need to go to the FTS website in the «Life situations» section, select «Submit 3-NDFL declaration» from the list, fill out general information and go to the «Income» section.

Information about the instruments for filling out the declaration can be obtained from the broker’s report and statement. You will also need an extract from the depositary for the paid dividends of foreign companies.

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