The average weekly rate of hashing Bitcoin first achieved a level of 129 TX / C against the background of resuming the growth rate of the CTS and expectations of increasing the profitability of mining.

The continuing struggle of the bulls for the price level of $ 12 thousand without significant kickbacks, gives Mainers the hope of stable development. In anticipation of increasing profits, they connect new computing power, which strengthens competition and leads to an increase in the Holsterite of the Bitcoin network.

According to, in recent weeks, the average weekly indicator is growing steadily and has already exceeded 129,075 TX / C, which is a new record. Current growth is partly due to the faith of miners in a further price increase.

Although bulls did not manage to overcome the resistance level in the area of $ 12 thousand, but they control the situation and do not allow a rollback below $ 11 thousand. At the time of publication, the CTC rate varies from $ 11,877.

Some analysts believe that in 2020, many investors were disappointed in traditional financial instruments, therefore, there will be increasingly preference for gold and digital assets to maintain the cost of their portfolios.

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