Hackers hack ETHEREUM 2.0 for $ 5 thousand.

Ethereum Foundation announced the start of the remuneration program for detecting errors in the code of existing ETHEREUM 2.0 clients.

On Monday, the Fund launched copies of two BETA-0 real networks based on Lighthouse and Prysm customers, but only with four nodes and 128 validators each. They are in public domain, so anyone can try to attack them using any available funds.

In order for hacking considered successful, the hacker must control the network at least 102 minutes (16 of the consensus epoch), which will make it unsafe and unsuitable for operation.

For finding a suitable space in the security system and the fulfillment of the contest conditions, individual participants or groups can receive a remuneration of $ 5,000. For each of the networks there is a separate award, but any hacker can count on a maximum of one pay.

The Ethereum 2.0 team holds this contest. Since in recent months there is a rapid progress in developing a new protocol and recently launched a Altona multi-liented test network. It is expected that the zero phase of the transition to the second version will be activated in the main network of cryptocurrencies in January 2021, but Vitaly Biderina

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