Gopro for beetles: scientists have created a tiny backpack with a 0.25 grams mass chamber

Researchers presented a miniature robotic backpack with a controlled wireless chamber, which can transmit video at a speed of 1 to 5 frames per second and rotate 60 degrees.

Ordinary small cameras, such as in smartphones, can make high-angle images with high resolution, but consume a lot of energy to shoot, so they cannot work without a massive battery. A team of scientists from Washington University decided to use the principles of insects to achieve sufficiently high quality with minimal power consumption.

Engineers took a black and white chamber weighing 250 mg with a small resolution and secured it on a mechanical lever. This allows not only to move it, but also get a wide-angle review with minimal energy costs. The entire system is controlled via Bluetooth from the smartphone at a distance of up to 120 m. In addition, the built-in accelerometer activates the record only when driving, which allows the camera to work up to six hours without recharging.

During the test, the team fastened the system on the backs of beetles, which could move freely with it, climb the slope and even climb trees.

According to developers, such devices can help in learning wildlife or hard-to-reach places. However, technology is also associated with new threats for confidentiality.

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