Google will use smartphones with Android to detect earthquakes

Google plans to turn mobile devices to a network of mini-seismographs.

Maintaining infrastructure to detect natural disasters and alerts about them requires considerable expenses. At the same time, they can not always quickly convey the necessary information, which can be a decisive factor for saving lives and prevent injury. Therefore, Google integrated a function in Android, which sends an early warning about the possibility of an earthquake, and also turns the phone to a mini-seismograph.

According to the announcement, created together with geologists, the system will use an accelerometer built into the smartphone, which is fairly sensitive to detect even a weak first wave of earthquake. When the device fixes suspicious oscillations, it sends information about the approximate location on the server.

If the system receives similar signals from other devices in one region, it begins to analyze them. In case of detection of an ES earthquake, notifies all connected to the network in a specific distribution zone. In the future, the company also plans to send additional information about the nearest shelters and other recommendations.

From today, everyone can connect to the global network to detect shock waves. Before completing the test, the new feature will be available only for California residents, and global support should start from 2021.

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