Germany wants to turn the autobahn in the solar farm

Road Office of Germany, Austria and Switzerland finance the development of a system of attachments of solar panels for motorways to increase the efficiency of their operation.

As part of the PV-SÜD initiative, three research centers from each of the countries will be engaged in the formation of the concept and design of a pilot project on the current track. Scientists were attracted because the standard models of solar panels on the roofs or canopies are not applicable for such an infrastructure.

The system should be developed taking into account the possibilities of car accidents and have sufficient strength and stability so that the road management does not have to spend the digests of thousands of euro for recovery after each transportation strike. In addition, special mechanisms will be required to control wind, rain and snow that will not violate the needs and norms of operation of the transport network.

Despite the number of difficulties of implementation, the authorities are interested in the idea, since such combination can bring a lot of positive results. First of all, sunbathing canopies will protect the road surface from precipitation and overheating, increasing the service life and reducing the cost of repairs. Installing panels above the motorways will not only increase the efficiency of their operation, but also will save the land unused under sun farms.

Previously, the concept looks attractive from an economic point of view and can be easily scaled by monotonous structures. However, the design will not begin until the researchers carefully examine all aspects and potential additional costs, identifying real benefits for the budget.

Recall that last year Germany began to test

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