Facebook began using heat from its data centers for heating of thousands of nearby houses

Facebook has presented a new heat recovery system in one of the Danish data processing centers.

In most codes for cooling servers, air conditioners are used, pumping hot air into the atmosphere. However, the Facebook Data Center in Odense began to cooperate with the local central heat supply company to send excess energy immediately to the heating system.

In the two-storey data center with an area of 50 thousand m2, 176 copper coils filled with water are installed, which absorb heat from the equipment and transport it to one of the heat pumps FJernVarme Fyn. Further, this water is used to increase the water circuit temperature supplied to the radiators of houses and the city agencies.

Although this idea is not new and in the world there are already similar projects, but they are heated only a few nearest homes. Facebook plans to achieve a 25 MW capacity of useful heat, which will warm up thousands of buildings. At the same time, the new recovery system uses exceptionally renewable energy.

Partners expect that as a result, the project will reduce the consumption of coal in Odense by 75%.

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