This week, Expobank for the first time issued a loan through the conclusion of a contract of an individual bank loan provided by WAVES tokens.

According to the press release, during the transaction, the Eskrow mechanism was used, which is currently the optimal version of the fulfillment of obligations through the transfer of decomposed digital assets.

According to Mikhail Asspensky’s creditor, he does not plan to sell his tokens, but he believes that cryptocurrency should not lie dead cargo, but to work. Although the market already has DEFI projects that allow you to lay digital assets for Fiat, but with WAVES such a deal is difficult to organize.

The loan size is not disclosed.

According to Alexander Zhuravlev, the managing partner of the EBR legal company, participating accompanied by a transaction from the client, tokens at least fall under the definition of «other property». However, since they are default, their turnover in Russia is not limited. Lawyers point out that although such transactions in the country can be carried out quite legally, legal uncertainty remains in this field.

In 2020, many banks around the world began to work with cryptocurrent, and in July, the Office of the US monetary controller

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