According to The Block Research, in July, Etherid miners earned $ 143.8 million, which is the largest indicator over the past 23 months.

At the same time, commissions accounted for almost 23% of the income amount. For comparison, in May, about 10% accounted for a transaction fee.

The increase in transaction fees is due to the growth of the popularity of decentralized financing protocols (DEFI). According to ETHERSCAN, currently three similar platforms have one of the highest network use indicators. Due to the increase in the download on Wednesday, the commission level rose to $ 5.59, practically reaching a record indicator of January 2018 ($ 5.7).

The cost of ether transactions is now higher than Bitcoin. During the day, this difference brings Etherium mines an extra $ 1 million. However, for July, the total bitcoin-miners earned $ 299 million.

In parallel with increasing yields, Ethereum hungry. According to Etherscan, the network’s computational power is now fluctuated in the 201000000 GC / s area, which is the highest indicator over the past 20 months.

Such dynamics has yet positively affect the course of the ether and part of traders expects further raising the course against the background of the growth of network user activity. However, others believe that increasing the commission will eventually affect Etheria, because complicates interaction with applications.

Nevertheless, the high hashier is still the key indicator of the Blockchalchable Skirt with POW, preventing the attack of 51% and the reorganization of the blocks from which less successful projects suffer from

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