EtherEUM developers will not solve the problem of high commissions in the near future

On Friday, all the developers of Etheric developers took part in discussing ways to optimize the use of gas. Despite a number of possible solutions, they all need testing and coordination.

Starting from June, due to the increase in the activity of users of decentralized projects, commission fees for transactions in the Etheric network began to grow rapidly, reaching a record level of $ 16 in September. Such a jump affects not only users, but also reduces the overall efficiency of the platform.

To solve the problem, the developers conducted a meeting, having considered various offers of Etheruum improvement (EIP), which may affect the flow rate and cost of gas. An important discussed proposal was EIP-2711, which will allow one account to pay for the commission of other users, form transaction packages that are guaranteed to be executed in the order of departure and set an automatic time limit on the transaction in the membol.

These changes can lead to gas savings and cancellation of failed operations. However, this proposal is at the stage of preliminary consideration, and so far there are no decisions on it.

The teams also raised the use of gas tokens, which in the issue of emissions can artificially overstate the cost of GWEI. Although their emission is about 2% of the total gas, but due to the negative impact, developers want to find a way to limit the negative effect or completely prohibit their release.

Further, the developers have discussed recently proposed by Vitaly Buderina and Martin Svend EIP-2929, which also increases gas costs for some storage operations. In parallel, this mechanism increases the level of protection of the network from DOS attacks and ultimately will reduce the cost of other transactions. However, due to a number of complex changes that may follow the implementation of the Protocol, the developers decided to postpone the discussion of the issue in order to study the possible consequences in more detail.

Although the meeting covered various options for solving high gas costs, they all need deeper work and testing. These mechanisms can be added not earlier than the nearest Hardforka Berlin, so in the near future the situation with the Commission will depend only on the network load.

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