Engineers turned a sheet of paper to an autonomous electronic controller

Researchers have found a way to turn ordinary paper sheets into devices for controlling electronics and entry information operating without a constant power source.

A team of engineers from the university Perdy developed a coating of highly phloy molecules, which repels water, oil and dust. Such anomicular material allows you to print several layers of circuits on paper, protecting ink from erosion and erasing.

As a power source, scientists used vertical pressure sensors that convert energy from contact with the user’s hand into electrical. This is enough for full autonomous work without a battery.

In the process of testing, the team has demonstrated technology capabilities, turning the landscape sheet to the keyboard and the control panel of the music player.

According to developers, such decisions can be used in food packaging to test the safety of products or in covering parcels to identify the identity of the recipient.

In addition to developing new coatings, researchers are experimenting with new types of paper. In April, scientists have created

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