Researchers have developed microscopic mechanical devices with remote control, which are driven by ultrasound. They can find a lot of applications in medicine.

With the help of three-dimensional technology, engineers from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne created crumbled soft capsules with a cell size fully made from biocompatible hydrogel. Their key elements are acoustic micromotors and mechanisms that are activated remotely by ultrasound waves.

Using mechanical resonance, scientists can control the movement of robots and affect environmental environment. For example, equipping the device with pumps, a collecting chamber and filters of different sizes, they can be used for biopsy, biochemical analysis, input drugs or other therapeutic purposes.

Although the introduction of such mic equipment is minimally invasive, remove them much more difficult. Therefore, all elements were made of materials safely decomposed in the body. The change in the composition of the hydrogel allows you to configure the service life of the device depending on its task.

Last month, scientists also reported the development of mass production technology

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