Engineers created the first flat lens of the fisheye type 1 mm thick

A group of researchers presented the world’s first wide-angle lens, which consists of an absolutely flat layer of glass and gives clear panoramic pictures of 180 degrees.

Lenses of distorting lenses are perfectly suitable for shooting panoramic species, but by their nature are bulky and have a high production cost. Now engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts in Lowell have developed flat lenses that have similar refractive properties.

Created by them Lens type «Fish Eye» consists of a layer of glass with a thickness of 1 mm, which on one side is covered with microstructures, in a special way scattering light. It is at the expense of these tiny elements that the flat material works as a traditional wide-angle lens. However, the existing prototype works efficiently so far only in the infrared part of the spectrum, but researchers are already working on its modification to cover the entire visible range.

Such flat lenses can be integrated into smartphones, laptops, medical visualization devices, virtual reality glasses and computer vision systems.

Previously, we also reported on the development of a flat lens that

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