A modernized portable gaming console can only work on kinetic and solar energy without a battery.

While companies are engaged in reissue of their religious games, researchers from the North-West University decided to improve the design of one of the first pocket devices of Nintendo Game Boy.

The updated console externally does not differ from the original, except for the set of small solar panels on the front. In addition, scientists have connected the buttons to condensers capable of not only accumulating but to generate electricity from user actions. Combinations of these two additional systems are quite enough for stable operation of the device without additional power sources.

According to the developers, you can run any oldskal game on such a console, without worrying about replacing batteries or charging the battery. Although this invention may seem a nightmare for parents, but when it is created, researchers pursued exclusively scientific purposes. The team claims that such devices are not only more efficient, but can also be the basis for the development of gadgets for space travel.

Engineers create devices that transform the surrounding energy for more practical purposes. For example, last year Peugeot has developed an advertising shield generating

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