Dutch city will replace part of the asphalt grass to soften the effect of heat and shower

The administration of the Dutch city of Arnhem approved the 10-year redevelopment plan, which will help citizens better adapt to the coming climate change.

The local council decided that 10% of asphalt roads need to be replaced by herbaceous coating and green plantings, which better dispel heat and absorb precipitation. The goal is that 90% of the rainwater absorbed into the soil, and not glass in the storm sewer.

To increase the amount of shelter from the Sun along the roads, trees will also plant, and there are special «cooling» zones with ponds and covered areas near the ledmed areas and shopping centers. The entire packed asphalt will be recycled or resell.

Since most of the Netherlands is below sea level, all administrative centers of the country began to actively study the ways to combat the negative effects of global warming, such as an increase in the amount of precipitation and the strengthening of the summer heat. The authorities will also highlight grants to residents who offer effective ways to collect rainwater or decide to install green roofs.

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