Researchers have created a medical robotic hand with smart electronic leather, which has high mobility and allows you to collect important diagnostic data.

Currently, there are many types of robotic hands, but they are still not able to replace the human touch. However, a team from Houston University reported that it was close to solving this issue.

Scientists have developed a robotic limb with an elastic coating of a rubber-like semiconductor material that imitating the mechanical softness of biological tissues. They also integrated flexible electronic systems, chips and sensors that allow us to collect various data.

To improve mobility, the team added a small amount of carbon nanotubes into semiconductor material. Due to which it retains its electrical characteristics, even with tension by 50%.

Such devices can be used for medical robotic applications, conducting research in conditions of a harsh environment and creating robots responding to natural disasters.

Last month, scientists also reported the creation of a million microbot, which can

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