Doctors are preparing for implantation of the first bionic eye

Researchers are preparing for the world’s first clinical trials of a bionic eye in humans.

The team from the University of Manyas has developed a bionic device that allows you to restore vision blind with a brain implant. It consists of a chamber, a wireless transmitter, a processor for processing data and a set of microelectrodes connected to neurons.

The Gennaris system transmits signals from the retina of the eye to the visual center of the brain bypassing the damaged nerves. The device creates an image from a combination of 172 light spots, providing a person enough information to move in the building and in the open space, as well as to recognize the movement of people and surrounding items.

In July, the doctors successfully implanted the Gennaris array to three sheep. After testing for 2,700 hours of use, the device did not have a negative effect on animal health. Now the team is preparing to conduct tests on Australians.

Developers also plan to improve the system, adapting it to treat people with incurable neurological diseases, such as paralysis of the extremities.

Recall that in May, Chinese researchers also

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