The German Aviation Center and Cosmonautics Center (DLR) have created a functioning prototype of unmanned electrotsyaging of multipurpose.

The U-SHIFT model consists of an electric U-shaped drive, which is attached to various modules, depending on the current owner’s need. The vehicle is intended for round-the-clock work in urban environments and can be used as a tractor for removable bus capsules, truck, postal, shopping or other type of car.

The current prototype is controlled remotely, but by 2024, developers plan to make it unmanned. In the future, the team also plans to improve the performance of the transmission and the battery system, as well as improve the design of the chassis and lifting device.

The modular concept will allow companies to use electrical soldiers for a wide range of tasks and form more flexible business models.

In parallel with the modernization of urban transport, Germany also wants

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