Developed the first application with the AR-navigation function for drivers

Aversion of Google and Apple, the Chinese company AUTONAVI presented a cartographic application that offers drivers a function of navigation with augmented reality.

The updated AMAP application shoots the road and recognizes the surrounding objects, including passing cars, pedestrians, traffic stripes, road signs and traffic lights. When displaying video on the screen, the system automatically opens the icons, instructions and warnings on the image.

The driver can also activate additional help features, such as tracking distance to the nearest vehicle, warning about the threat of a collision or approaching the traffic light, pedestrian.

According to developers, the technology of augmented reality simplifies the perception of signals and makes the control process less intense. So far, the application is available only on several phones with Android, but in the near future the company adapts it to other models and languages.

So far, this is the only application with AR-navigation for drivers, since Google Maps Live and the Yahoo Japan solution is suitable for pedestrian routes.

Recall that last month Apple reported on the development of an application with

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