Created the world’s first material that is impossible to cut or drill

The new metal-ceramic material is 6 times lighter than steel, but is not amenable to mechanical cutting or drilling.

To create a composite called Proteus, a team of scientists used an aluminum foam (73% porosity) and ceramic spheres with a diameter of about 13 mm, orderly and evenly distributed in Penomeometall. To increase the strength, the metal-ceramic panel was concluded between two steel plates with a thickness of 2 mm. A steel coating cylinder was also made.

During the testing of the drill and the drive of angular grinding machines, the upper sheet easily passed, but they could not move on the built-in ceramic spheres, which began to crumble and dull the sharp edges of the tool. At the same time, the faster the drill or grinding disk rotated, the stronger the material resisted and the teeth were destroyed.

According to the developers from the University of Daurat and the Fraunhofer Institute, such an effect is due to the fact that when the ceramic spheres are reached, the material begins to vibrate, and ceramics decay into small particles, which fill the voids of the matrix of the foametal, complicating their passage. As a result, the strength and energy of the drill or disk is returned to themselves, so they begin to destroy themselves.

The principle of operation of the new material The team compares with a sharp jelly filled with nuggets, or sand bag, stopping a punch at high speed.

The tests also showed that such a structure does not less effectively protect the metal ceramics from hydroabrasive cutting, since the built-in spheres expands the water stream, increasing the area of exposure, thereby weakening the pressure.

Researchers believe that the material can be widely used in space and military spheres, as well as create more perfect armor and locks.

In addition to the invention of new materials, scientists also improve existing ones. We recently reported on the development of carbon nanostructures, which in terms of

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