Created a window block, overwhelming external noise even with an open sash

Researchers presented a prototype of a smart window block with a built-in noise cancellation system.

In hot weather, we often want to open the window to let the pleasant breeze. Sometimes it hinders the street noise that does not only interfere, but can also be dangerous to health. Now the team from the Nanyang Technological University proposes to solve this problem using an integrated active noise reduction system.

Scientists have built an array of 24 small speakers in the frame and the sensor that captures regularly repeating sound waves. If noise has noise, the system automatically determines its intensity, range and main frequencies, and then generates a mirror signal for incoming incoming waves.

As a result, the level of incoming noise is reduced by 10 dB. In fact, this is the difference between the intensive movement at a distance of 90 m (60 dB) and a quiet time in the city (50 dB).

The efficiency of the system does not depend on the size of the room, and its power and characteristics can be adjusted by changing the distances between the speakers.

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